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All Loss is Equal

All loss is equal. This is not a competition. Pain is valid. Be that a pain that you feel from the loss of a parent or the loss of a pregnancy. The grief you hold in your bones, the ache, it is real. And it is equal. There are no competition ribbons given out for the best at grief or the worst type of loss. As an A-type personality, there are times where a good-ribbon-could-go-a-long-way to boost my morale. But no. It does not work like that. What feels like the worst type of loss and grief for a person is, indeed, the worst type of loss and grief for that person in that moment. So telling someone "it could be worse" serves no one. Well maybe the person saying "it could be worse," but that is for another day. In my clinical practice I hold all loss as equal and valid. Your lived experience is the most important thing to me in our work. And this includes all type of loss including pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, still birth, live birth and life loss. So book with me today. You are not alone.

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