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I Just Can't Imagine

Updated: Apr 8

I am really glad you just can't imagine. I remember what it was like to not know of this pain. I remember who I was before. I actually miss her. She was a lot of fun. Carefree even. Innocent, yes, she was definitely innocent then.

But then loss came into my life, and now, I can imagine the pain. It is there when I open my eyes in the morning and there when I put my toothbrush into my drawer at night. I can't escape it. Perhaps though, what hurts nearly as much is the thing that you just can't imagine, is my real life. And now, because everyone just can't imagine just how horrible my real life is, I feel pitied and alone. Your lack of imagining means now I am grieving and feel even more alone then I was before. I would never wish this one anyone. But I wish I wasn't as alone and someone, could just imagine. *** There are so many things you can say instead of "I cannot imagine." Supporting the Bereaved is a curriculum that is designed for those supporting the bereaved to learn what to do, what to say and how to help those whom are grieving. Contact me today to join a group class or individual session to learn more about being there for those you love.

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